Would you want to be better than you are today?

Many things that we have to do in Life.

Work. Making money. Taking care of children. Dealing with Government Administration. Insurance. Bring our car to service. and the list still go on and on….

People so often heard this sayings:


I say, it is true. and it is even true that if we are given 48 hours for one day, it is not assuring that it will be enough.

Here is the key:


My name is Yosef Adji Baskoro.

I am here to try answering these questions.

How could I help you then?

I am a passionate person that is very keen on helping others in my own way. This is my core value :

Helping people with their lives.

My formal education is in Industrial Engineering which involved manipulating system to create a more efficient and productive work. But, the reason of why I lay my decision on that degree is because I could simply help people doing their work.

Informally, I am psychology enthusiastic. Maybe it is true to my nature as an INFJ (Jungian Personality Type) that my approach is always geared toward making people’s life better. My girlfriend has a formal degree in psychology and I learn so much about the field of psychology from her.

It is indeed true that my life is not perfect and still need to be improved and I believe no ones’ life is perfect because we are always on the journey to be more and better than we are now. The important point is to learn from each other as we go on our route to a never ending destination.

What about This Blog : Route to Kaizen?

I use blogging as a vehicle and platform to a higher purpose.

In this century, internet make human possible to do many kinds human could imagine to built without limit. I choose to use it as a medium to improve you, me, and people about how we could be more productive and have a quality life so that 24 hours is more than what we need to have.

I solved problem related with personal management.

I help issues related with personality quality.

I am interested in finding a better way to accomplish today’s tasks quicker and better for tomorrow benefits.

What to do now?

So, If you want to join a journey to be better people and be more effective, productive and have a good quality of life.

Subscribe to RouteToKaizen and share the journey with me.


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