Let Go and You Will Receive More


What a life!

It has been a long time since I graduated from my Master Degree study. Long story short, the degree and my experience of working in Toyota Europe Headquarter in Belgium could get me through into joining Toyota in Indonesia.

Life takes you to unexpected places, but love brings you home

Not As What I’ve Expected

Being a part of Toyota is really a dream come true. However, as they says, Becareful of what you wish for, because you don’t know what happened if your wish really come true.

Life takes you to unexpected places

It turns out, even though I joined Sales Training Div. , Most of the time all my job revolves around car, engines and the knowledge of machines. Well, I am certainly not a car guy and has no intention whatsoever dealing with mechanics.

I adore Toyota because of its kaizen soul that lives and breed in the culture and I love to be a part of the time that will nurture it through people development, lean process and soon. In other words, I am process and people guy.  And so I bailed out and venture in my own journey!


A Jungle It Is

Never in my life I imagine that I would be an entrepreneur. Especially since my MBTI- myers briggs personality of mine is INFJ. A hell big no no if you know what I mean.

If your design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.

And so I seek out courses and books and knowledge to help me do just that. An INFJ entrepreneur is totally do-able.

Copy of Life takes you to unexpected places

For those of you who are introverted and in the same position as I was and wondering whether should just go for it. I say go for it and use these resource below to help you smoothen your way through the nitty gritty of becoming introverted enterpreneur.

Those are my top 4 most influential books that help me deal with the irony of the dominant extroverted world of the enterpreneurship.

The key is, as Gary Vaynerchuk points out,

Playing in a way that feels right to you, before it feels right to anybody else around you.

A Shed of Light

I now start my own micro/small business together with my wife. We do importing jewelry and marketing it through offline stores and online ( lazada, shopee, instagram). At other times, I will share the story of how I started those.

As an INTROPRENEUR (introvert entrepreneur), I enjoy my life more now, since I can quite apply kaizen and lean management practices in my small business. (not in a grand scale of course)

As a business owner though, I now focused my learning on Lean marketing and digital marketing.

Is this coffee time yet? cheers!