How hard it is to apply Lean in your company

Lean is basically the way Toyota does its business and operated. the term Lean Manufacturing is not coined by Toyota, but Toyota has a huge contribution to the spreading concept of lean.

Being success in Japan, Toyota next step is worldwide market. Thus, the challenge is in transferring what sustained Toyota as one of the leading automotive in Japan, to a larger target which is worldwide is a definite logical step.

With the aim of transferring the DNA of its company, the famous documents that stand behind the bestseller book of Toyota way by Jeffrey K liker is used. Toyota way 2001 came after the necessity to expand and the success of so called “experiment” of transferring the way Toyota does its business to GM plant in Freemont that actually in one way align with the social responsibility principal of Toyota and also prove that the Toyota way is totally transferable and proven. an important point is that even Toyota itself has realized that it is easier to make a greenfield project than to repair or transform the culture that has already existed.

Therefore, for new entrepreneur, it is best to build and grow a company with a Lean Enterprise thinking already injected in people rather than waiting for a new company to grow with the expense of a hard time educating, forming, and transferring the behavior, system, and mindset governing the company that will be a huge inertia of this transformation.


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